What we're about

This is a group for tea aficionados. Each meeting is centered around learning about tea in one or more of its many iterations. We check out various tea houses in the Columbus area and have home based events where we provide our own tea and education. As a group, we enjoy exploring the origin, processing, and unique details of each tea we are drinking. And of course, along with the tasting and education, laughing, fun, and stories are plentiful!

New for 2018: If you with to submit a member request, please make sure you have a clear facial headshot as a profile picture that is maintained on the site at all times, so that we can find you at Meetup events, and that you fill out the questions as fully as you can, so that we can get to know you!

You also need to have a "real name" posted--we want our members to get to know one another, so no "screen names" of the sort. If you want to protect your privacy, a first name or first name plus initial of your last name is sufficient.

Also, we have a "no show" policy. After two “no shows” you would be regretfully removed from the meetup group. If you are unable to come to a meetup that you have RSVP’d to, make sure you un-RSVP by the deadline set by each event. If there's a last minute emergency so that you cannot un-RSVP, please post a message to the meetup page or private message the organizer of the event.

We ask that you honor your commitments to attending group events--keep your RSVPs current and do your best to not cancel last-minute. It feels very bad for the person scheduling the event to schedule a place for 13 people, for example, and then have only 9 show up, and then have to apologize to the restaurant for the spots they saved for us that will no longer be used.

Group membership size reflects members who have been active with the group within the past year. If you have been removed from the group due to inactivity, feel free to re-submit an application for membership with the group when you'd like to become active again!

Building friendships is an important aspect of this group. Any suggestions for events will require an event host to be present and act as a point of contact prior to and throughout an event. If you want to host the event, we are happy to help you with planning and going over host expectations. Additionally, businesses and individuals are not permitted to join and solicit their services. Anyone who does so will be removed from the group.

Finally, please be courteous and respectful with regard to communications with the group leaders and to other members. Any posts that don't meet these guidelines will be removed, and the member will be asked to refrain from that kind of discourse. After a second time, the member will be removed from the group.

Past events (116)

Zen Cha (Short North) Close to Thanksgiving Tea

ZenCha Tea Salon

Evening Backyard High Tea

Needs a location

Happy Hour Tea

Needs a location

Belle's Bread, a French-Inspired Japanese Bakery

Belle's Bread Japanese Bakery and Café

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