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Great news - our club has been offered the chance to be part of a competition team participating in this year's Memphis in May BBQ Festival (May 16-19th, 2013). The team, "Too Sauced to Pork" is made up of bbq fans from around the world. The only downside is that they have to submit thier team registration by the end of the month so they need RSVP's as soon as possible. I have already registered myself and wanted to see who else is in for this great opportunity.

Please read the description and if you are sure you want to be part of the team let me know ASAP as the team have to submit its list to the festival on Friday March 1st. I want to get our club list to Neil by Thursday so we can make the cut off date. I will send you the registration form via email and you can submit and pay the team dues direct to the team.

After we determine who is going we can get together (probably for a BBQ dinner) and work out carpooling, hotel, etc... Should be a great weekend of bbq and music.

I am planning on a side trip Saturday morning to Clarksdale, MS which is about an hour or so south of Memphis to visit the Delta Blue Museum and see the crossroads where Robert Johnson "sold his soul" to the devil to be the best bluesman of his day. Memphis is a great town to visit and play. The best part of being part of the team is that you can spend as much time as you want in the team booth helping prep and cook the food for the competition or you can just hang out and eat great BBQ. Its up to you.

Here is the Team Details:

The Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest is an amazing sight to behold. The sweet smell of hickory hangs thick in the air. Team booths (some 3 levels tall) line the mile long park. Over 100,000 people flock to this Mecca of BBQ every year to eat, drink, and worship at the altar of swine.

The contest, also known as WCBCC, or as it is called by the locals, BBQ Fest, is a battle between more than 250 BBQ teams from across the globe. Held every year on the third weekend in May, Thursday thru Saturday, it is certified by Guinness as the “World’s Largest Pork BBQ Contest”. Believe it or not, over the course of three days, over 84 tons of pork are cooked and consumed.

For the Average Joe there is a huge drawback to the festival, teams are not allowed to sell or give out samples to the general public. Due to Health Code regulations the teams can only give food and beverages to members and invited guests. The best way to experience the contest is on a team, or at least in a team booth, otherwise you will be on the outside looking in. Now you can join in the fun and be part of our winning BBQ competition team: "Too Sauced To Pork"

TSTP started off as Swinebucks BBQ in 2005. Neil was a store manager at Starbucks, and was grinding coffee turkish for a customer one day in 2004 when he noticed an odd similarity. The Turkish coffee he was grinding had the same consistency and feel as ground paprika. Eureka! Espresso BBQ rub and sauce. Neil and Mike were cooking on other teams, and had always wanted to start one of their own. Neil called Blake, Eric, and Dave and along with Schatzi and Mike, Swinebucks BBQ was born.

In 2008 Neil left Starbucks Coffee, and we all began the search for a new name that fit our team. Neil was with his girlfriend (now wife) Melissa on Goat Island above Niagara Falls when sweet nectar flowed from her lips, “You guys are always too sauced to pork” Lightning shot across the sky, a thunderous roar of applause sounded from the heavens as the angels began a song…that was it… TOO SAUCED TO PORK.

We have won over 20 awards and have placed top ten over 40 times in our short history. Including first place wins at Memphis in May, Goat Days, and Smokin Aces just to name a few. We have Cooks in charge of each category...but we need people to help and assist them in competition, cooks to help Marc and Neil prepare lunches and dinners, and of course people to hang out, learn new tricks from, and talk bbq with all week ;-)

Why is this team different from other BBQ Teams…
We believe in inclusion instead of exclusion. We give people from all over the world the chance to join the team for Memphis in May. In 2011 we had members from 23 states and 3 foreign countries on the team, all united by their love of BBQ.

Head cooks of each Category

Ribs - Neil Gallagher - Pitmaster - Too Sauced To Pork BBQ Team - MBN/KCBS/NEBS/MIM, New York & Tennessee

Poultry - Adam McCollum, Tennessee

Beef - Shane Greer - Pitmaster - Smokey Bottom Boys BBQ - KCBS/MBN, Tennessee
Mike Dawoud - Too Sauced To Pork CIO - Tennessee

Seafood - Dave Mundis - Co-Pitmaster - Bonedaddy's BBQ - KCBS/NEBS/MBN, New Hampshire

Exotic - Brad Kennedy - Chef, Memphis TN
Eric Chester - Too Sauced To Pork CTO - Tennessee

Hot Wings - Danny Zellers - Team Captain - Pirates of Capsacin Hot Wing Team, Tennessee

Mustard Sauce - Marc Leone - Pitmaster - Life of Brine BBQ KCBS/MBN/FBA, Georgia

Vinegar Sauce - Frank Sanjeski - Co-Pitmaster - Bonedaddy's BBQ - KCBS/MBN/NEBS, New Hampshire

Tomato Sauce - Johnny MacBride, Too Sauced To Pork VP South Team - Tennessee
Membership Dues:

Single $125 -Access to booth:
Thursday - 11am-12am
Friday 3pm-12am
Sat 2pm-10pm.
1 Team tshirt.
No booth guest passes

Couple $175 -Access to booth
Thursday - 11am-12am
Friday 3pm-12am
Sat 2pm-10pm.
2 Team tshirts
No booth guest passes

Big Hog $250- Access to booth
Wednesday-Saturday for yourself and your significant other if present
1 three day park pass with in and out privileges
2 Wednesday night tickets if needed
6 booth guest passes
1 team t-shirt

Boss Hog $500
One 24 hour park wristband access to the park 24 hours a day Sunday-Saturday
One -3 day park wristband - both with in and out privileges
Access to booth Wednesday-Saturday for yourself and significant other if present
12 booth guest passes
2 team tshirts

Extra three day park passes - $30 money to be received by April 2nd

Extra booth guest pass - $50

Team Membership Dues include: team registration for the competition, wristband for admission to tent, TSTP Team t-shirt, lunch and dinner and beverages, nightly party with open bar and food). Not included: Festival admission (free from 11am-1pm, $8 after 1pm), lodging and transportation to Memphis.