Join us for 300 Vegans 4 Independence on the 4th of July @ the Doo Dah Parade

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The 6th annual Vegan Shift ( 300 Vegans 4 Independence ( in collaboration with the Columbus Vegan Meetup in the Columbus Doo Dah Parade is on the 4th of July (rain or shine the show goes on) every year!

Since our official 300 Vegans campaign launch in 2012, we have consecutively been the LARGEST group of Doo Dah Parade participants to represent a group in the parade. We always gets exciting reactions from parade spectators- anything from the "BACON" or "I love meat" heckling chanters (to which we hold up a vegan peace sign and chant "VEGAN!" back at them, or respond in kind with "SO DO I! Have you tried PLANT MEAT???") to other vegan people joining our ranks excited to see their people in the parade! We know that large groups with a message get into people's minds, and we love providing a friendly, invitational energy from our community and a peaceful and alternative shift on an favorite tradition foundationally celebrated with the BBQ. So start a new tradition for your family by joining us for this culturally formative and fun-filled event. We would love to turn the street party at the end of the parade into having a mini vegan fest area at Goodale park.

Wear your BLACK Nonviolence United VEGAN Shirt and join us for our fun, friendly community invitational event! Shirts will be available to be purchased the day of the event for $25 (fundraising) (or can be ordered online in advance at worst case scenario, you can wear a straight black T-shirt (inside out if you have to) and we will provide VEGAN stickers if you don't want to purchase a shirt. We just want YOU there representing VEGANS!

*****The Doo Dah Parade says that the show will go on regardless of the weather, and as inconvenient as it is to have it literally "rain on our parade", dedication to moving our critical message trumps wimping out over crummy weather IMHO (If animals must endure the horrors they do, I can get wet to wake more people up to shift that ghoulish inheritance to build a better world). However, should we be in jeopardy of dangerous thunderstorms, personal safety is another matter we take very seriously. Plan to come as long as there is just a rainy forecast. Bring towels, plastic bags to protect your electronics and other valuables, and if you can find them, clear plastic rain ponchos (I hear Dollar Tree might have them) *****

There will be group photos, food from Portia's Cafe (, Banana Leaf Restaurant (, Loving Hut Columbus Ohio (! More details will be provided as time gets closer to the event.

Here are some great holiday recipes if you can't make it to our event ideas: *****

Interested in VOLUNTEERING? We welcome your ideas and participation in the activity planning etc. for the event.

Fun Ideas:

The Doo Dah Parade is over 30 years old and is a fun, satirical parade with all kinds of zany political satire.
Vegan Zombies saying "GRAAAIINS!"
Sabrina Bobrow has some fun chants about beans and farts! (ideal for satirical nature of the Doo Dah parade)
If someone could master some of the SNL Justin Timberlake "Bring it on down to Veganville skit with a TOFU costume - that would be AWESOME!
Accessorize and brighten up our black shirts with Red White and Blue colored hats, bow ties, streamers etc!


10:30-12 Register, pick up shirt, snack and socialize
12:00-12:30 Group photos
100:-2:30 Walk in the Parade
2:30-??? Post Doo-Dah Parade Street Party in the Short North