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Westerville, OH

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Jul 2, 2018


I am a LMT, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner for 22 years. I believe in holding oneself accountable for their own health and how they walk through life. I feel this can be attained through practicing KINDNESS to all sentient beings. Go VEGAN!

What do you hope to gain from joining this meetup group?

Connecting with like-minded people and creating space and support for those who are either vegan or just curious about how to integrate it into their own life.

Would you care to share where you are on the veg scale? Are you vegan, vegetarian, veg-curious, or?

I have been a vegetarian for years and started my vegan lifestyle about 2 years ago. With the exception of my cats being hopeless carnivores, I try very hard not to include the suffering of other sentient beings in my life, for my pleasure.

Would you be willing to contribute time to the group by being an event organizer?

Absolutely. I try to make my office space/Pure Joy Studio available for groups supporting the Vegan movement. Presently, Pure Joy Studio hosts a monthly Vegan Book Group. I am open to ideas and suggestions in order to learn, support more and be a part of this wonderful community!