• Ride to East TX - #18, 25, 27, 33. KSU Bucees at 8 am

    Classic Rock Coffee Shop

    Update: 20 Oct. Broke out daily routes versus one long one. Makes it simpler for the GPS to follow. Update: 5 Oct. will add #33 GTT to route Routes: Day 1: https://trips.furkot.com/ts/dtsv90 Day 2: https://trips.furkot.com/ts/wJnPVI More to follow

  • CRRC Fall Picnic at Dane & Connies'

    1070 Quail Hill Dr

    Details to follow

  • CRRC Ride to MC Roundup, Flying L Ranch, Bandera, from Walgreens

    Location visible to members

    https://i1.wp.com/motorcyclegrandtouroftexas.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/MCRoundup.jpg?w=828&ssl=1 Update: 7 Oct - Ride ends at the event Update: GTTs #10 and 44 Update: 17 May Be sure to register for this event. Entrance is Free Go to the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas website Update: 16 March Event/ride has been rescheduled for Oct 17th Ride in support of the Grand Tour of Texas, supports 1) Veterans Assistance Dogs of Texas and 2) American Diabetes Assoc. Map = https://trips.furkot.com/ts/lAiDGS

  • CRRC Lunch Ride to Baldy's Diner, LaVerina TX, from Walgreens, KSU = 10am

    Map = https://trips.furkot.com/ts/8uMeQ3 Menu = https://www.google.com/search?sa=N&sxsrf=ALeKk03M3t0WOfwogmvMkPPdk1MTNqZ_lg:1602479219057&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=baldy%27s+diner+9595+us+87+la+vernia+menu&ved=2ahUKEwjFgvKkpK7sAhVGS6wKHQadDZ04ChCMmQR6BAgKEAE&biw=1920&bih=888

  • GTT #40 VA Veterans Dog Assistance/ KSU Bucees 8:30 am

    Veterans Assistance Dogs Of Texas

    Www.vadogs.org Update: 2 Oct KSU changed to 8:30 Gas at 10:16 Lunch at 11:13 GTT #40 VA Dogs Asst 12:24 Unfortunately we cannot tour the facility;however the manager is going to try to meet us. You will receive credit with GTT for any donation. Billy Gene’s 1489 Junction Hwy Voted Best food in town last 10 years Voted Best chicken fried steak since 2007 Www.billygenes.com Route:https://trips.furkot.com/ts/Yj34B3 Return: https://trips.furkot.com/ts/9lrF1q

  • CRRC Lunch Ride to The Apple Store, Medina TX from Walgreens

    Love Creek Orchards/The Apple Store

    90 mile ride, 1 hr 40 min, will stop at Shell in Center Point for a break (70 miles) Map = https://trips.furkot.com/ts/tOLgo7 Return Map = https://trips.furkot.com/ts/vqMRpe Return trip goes north on 16 then heads east, will end at the Stripes at 306/281 Menu = http://lovecreekorchards.com/the-apple-store-bakery-cafe/patio-cafe-menu/

  • CRRC monthly meeting LIMIT to first 30 paid members only

    Update: Aug 25th Montana Mikes is limiting us to 30 people First come first serve sign up You must be a paid member No guests allowed this meeting Do not move tables and chairs when you arrive Note: 2nd Mon due to holiday September 14th You will be in waiting list in case someone cannot make it Do not rsvp if you cannot make it 2nd Monday due to holiday Dinner at 5:30pm followed by club meeting at 7pm

  • CRRC Lunch Ride to Hays City Store, Driftwood TX, from Walgreens, KSU 10 am

    KSU 10 am from Walgreens, 62 mile Ride, 1 hour 20 minutes Map = https://trips.furkot.com/ts/6ZTx7s Menu = https://hayscitystoretx.com/menu-2/ If your bring a guest you have to arrive 15 min prior to KSU to fill out a waiver for them

  • CRRC Lunch Ride to Beefy's on the Green, from Walgreens, KSU 10am

    Beefy's On The Green

    Bring your Mask Map = https://trips.furkot.com/ts/RrUm3T Menu = https://www.facebook.com/beefysspringbranch/app/160363220729661

  • PRESIDENTS Fall Ride - Tail of the Dragon!!!!!!!! #33 GTT

    Tail of The dragon

    KSU Bucees 8 am Update 28 April: Due to COVID-19 conditions we have decided to reschedule this ride to September. Specifically, it appears that Louisiana and North Carolina will be really slow reopening. We're hoping that things will be much better in the fall. Update: 25 April: Called all hotels today. Quality Inns and Econo Lodge are OPEN Couldn’t reach Roadway Inn Best Western in Robbinsville hopes to open by May 8th The Dragon is OPEN now. Restaurants on the Dragon should be open by May 8th I will recheck in a week Below are the tentative routes for this trip. These are for info and planning purposes only, as each day's ride captain may make changes. We'll post the final routes about a week prior to departure. Route to Dragon: https://trips.furkot.com/ts/esQ9Ef Day 1(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/GuuOvE Day 2(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/YAOxUb Day 3(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/CcynL1 Day 4(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/N39A5i Day ride 5 (F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/VYsDcO Day ride 5(Alt)(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/q1J7y2 Day ride 6(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/nFAMtE Return Day 7(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/CwtJEY Return Day 8(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/ag6kTd Return Day 9(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/3jGZJP Return Day 10(F): https://trips.furkot.com/ts/4czQlx Also stopping at #33 GTT