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Himalayan Tea: Ceremony & Appreciation
TEA TASTING: Three different varieties of tea for tasting. Assortment of teas are from Nepal. We will taste 3 different teas before settling to the ceremony. Will share the tea experience, enjoy it and learn from each other. CEREMONY & APPRECIATION One particular tea will be brewed in gongfu style. It is kind of ceremony to appreciate tea. We build up the impression by inspecting the dry teas from its shape, color & texture. Then we prepare our utensils over gongfu tray and brew the tea. You will be guide to the tasting to sniff, slurp and explore the sensation. You will be provided a tea tasting wheel to determine tea flavor. Everybody get short time to share their taste feel. You can socialize before or after finishing up the tasting. ABOUT HOST Dharma, founder of Teafresho (Nepal based tea brand promoting Himalayan grown specialty Tea), will have the pleasure of taking you through introductory and informative tea tasting featuring assortment of teas from Nepal. $$ FEES (PWYW) Its hard to determine the price for tea, it is priceless & it is free. Let you have a freedom to pay. So, PAY WHAT YOU WANT! There is no minimum pay.


477 Central Park West · New York, ny

Respond by: 11/18/2018

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Calling all mindful and wholesome beverages seekers!

In 2015, we started a company Teafresho in Nepal. Since then tea has not been only a beverage but also an experience for us - an experience of drinking a blessing!

We would like to share this mother nature's gift of drinking blessing with you. As an intro to New York for Teafresho to share blessing of the Himalayas, we have small tea bar in central park west where we can offer meetup.

We brew 3 different teas for tasting. There is no fee for participation but appreciable (pay-as-you-like). We can also go for the park activities like bird watching, walking after the tea meetup.

We always have free samples to share as tea is our passion and we love to share it. I would like to get connected with the people who are looking for a reliable source of natural, organic, fresh, healthy, real, artisanal and highland tea.

Tea you soon!


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