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This group organises Come as You Will Be in 2025 parties.
The party is on once a month and attendees should come impersonifying the person they want to be in 5 years' time and having reached their biggest goal/dream.

For example if you love sports and dream of winning the Olympiads, come dressed as you would at the Olympiads and bring props to show everyone else that you have won ie. a gold medal (doesn't have to be real!).

If you dream of being a published writer come dressed as you think you would if you were a published writer and bring props to show everyone that your book has been published - cover any book with your own cover, with a title for your book, your name, picture and a short bio at the back.

If you dream of a family, come dressed as a mother, or father, with your clothes looking as if they are soiled by a baby, bring a baby-resembling doll and even pushing a pram or a stroller.

If you dream of having your own shop, come playing the part and with products with your own brand on them, for other people to taste and explore.

If you dream of being a successful stock broker, come looking the part and bring fake money to distribute to everyone at the party.

You get the idea!

At the party everyone will talk about what they do as if they are already doing it (using the present tense at all times!).

This is a very powerful exercise to help you achieve your dreams or goals, as your unconscious mind does not distinguish reality from imagination and the power of coming as you will be will create positive emotions and super-charge you with the motivation necessary to either start taking the first few steps towards realising your goal or to keep moving forward.

Hope you sign up numerous so we can have great fun!

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