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Are you afraid? Afraid to try out new things, meeting new people, facing new challenges, embarking on new adventures? Fear can hold us back, it can paralyze us, force us to live a boring existence and a miserable life.

This group is about finding what holds us back, exploring our internal barriers and getting out there in spite of the anxiety, in spite of the fear. This group is about breaking out of our comfort zone and live a magical and exciting life. Together we'll talk about our challenges, face our fears, so that we can live ever more freely.

"Often we think, 'I'll do it when I am not so afraid.' But in reality, it works the other way round. The 'doing it' comes before the fear goes away. The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it." Susan Jeffers (Feel the fear and do it anyway)

Let's get together, face challenges and crush our comfort zone.

To know more about this life philosophy, watch this video and let Till inspire you the way he inspired me to just go for it and try something adventurous:

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