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This is for everyone who has suffered child abuse and is frustrated listening to the me too movement while watching politics and news - including but not limited to: Trump, churches, sports industries, CEOs / high profile cases, abusers being compensated in millions, billions of dollars - with no one addressing- this is happening across America in our own homes - to our children. Is no one awake or are we really just ignoring this huge fact? Statistics show this abuse within families is higher than any stranger. We are so focused on "keeping out racists", among other hot topic headlines, that we are ignoring the fact these rapists are in our own home. Who is talking about us? This is for you.
Listener- anyone who has suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child

Problem- not enough communication, awareness, resources and support

Solution- to be talking about it bottom up- from stories to experts in applicable fields of law, medicine, psychology. (experts will be more at later stages)

Format- 30 min episodes.
Will be recreating a support group structure in a smaller setting (cannot use an actual support group due to recording concerns and safety for any individual(s) who may not want to participate)

Combination of long shares and short shares with supportive feedback. In future, structure will incorporate some Q&A- maybe speak about specific legal cases or legislation and bring in experts in law, policy- possibly special guests..etc.
Questions, comments, concerns- please post within discussions or email info@comingforward.org

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