What we're about

Dedicated to and for everyone who wants to become proficient with trading and investing in the financial markets. A Mastermind is a group of professional, full-time traders who review the markets on a continuous basis, trade or check the markets every day, coach and help each other. We can help you becoming successful.

What is this Meetup's purpose?
We have nothing to sell. We are a group of professional traders who give back by helping people who have an interest in trading and investing. We can bring you up to speed and offer you the tools to create financial success, if you want to put in the effort, and have time and determination.

Who should join?

People of every age who want to take the responsibility of their financial future. We will help you learn what works and what does not how to trade and invest successfully for the years to come and retire with less worry.

Note: even if you are not Canadian or from the Toronto GTA please join anyway as we will have online events you can attend from everywhere in the world

Why should you join?

If you have an interest in trading and the markets you know already why. The potential for profits is very high: nothing any other investment can give you. If have no idea of what trading is and why you should learn, then what you should know is that we are all going to face a pension crisis (there will be no money for your retirement). So if you don't take action now you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work in the years. If you want to learn more about the pension crisis, watch this brief video.

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