Beverly Fells Jones, CH, M.Beverly Fells Jones, CH, M.

Beverly Fells Jones, CH, M.



The Colony, TX

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Jul 26, 2010


I am known as "The Silver Fox of Consciousness" because I have studied the great masters and teach others how to take control of their lives by changing the way they think. I am Certified in Silva UltraMind and The One Command + other methods.

Where are you on your spiritual journey?

It is continual. The more I learn and grow, more is introduced to me. The more that is introduced the deeper my knowledge and committment to helping others achieve.

Have you ever meditated?

My goal is at least 3 times per day. As you learn techniques you will find that you are living in the moment and able to meditate quickly and easily.

What is your favorite book on The Law of Attraction?

I have several: I started with "The Secret" moved to The Master Key System, Then the Ester and Jerry Hicks series, The One Command and The Silva Method. Recently I have been studying Neville Goddard.