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I am looking for a group of people on opposite sides of the political spectrum to come together regularly to find common ground. My hope is this grows to a regional or nationwide phenomenon. We are more than what the politicians say we are. I feel that politicians of all political stripes goad their constituents into confrontation for their own benefit. Moreover, political consultants make more money by promoting wedge issues. I truly believe in government by, for and of the people. But that can't re-emerge until we stop letting politicians on both sides of the aisle dictate our beliefs.

Here's some suggestions on operating guidelines:

1. No one is right or wrong.
2. Everyone must practice active listening, so no talking over one another.
3. State you position(s) on an issue/matter and explain it using anything you wish - emotional, logical, experience.

Procedural - anyone can suggest a topic and we all get a vote as to what to discuss. I suggest we keep it to one topic a meeting so we can explore it thoroughly and have time to consider each person's stance.

I would like to take anonymous minutes and use them to build a cache of reasoned agreements to entice others to join. My hope is that this type of dialogue spreads far and wide and leads to informed voting based on common ground as citizens and not based on attack ads and millions of dollars spent.

So please consider joining me. I would love to meet you.

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