Dubai Meetup 25: Building an Expat Investment Portfolio, Bogleheads' style


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Admission is free but seats are limited. Please only register if you are 100% sure you will attend. Booking a seat but not showing up results in someone else missing the opportunity to attend the event.

This event is organized by the volunteers of the community "SimplyFI - Common Sense Personal Finance and Investing", the UAE local chapter of the Bogleheads and ChooseFI

Dubai Meetup 25: Simple Investing for Expats - the Bogleheads®' Approach

In this presentation (suitable for both new and experienced investors), Tuan will introduce the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to help explain why the Bogleheads® principles and the simple 3-funds portfolio is so powerful, enabling every day investors to easily outperform most professionals, thus achieving FI much faster.

Example of this portfolio will be provided (with recommended ETFs) for expats of all nationalities and major currencies.

Guest Speaker: Tuan Phan
Tuan is part of the board of SimplyFI, where he is the VP for Abu Dhabi. He is generally lazy, very cheap and often amused by simple things - three habits that are actually useful when it comes to successful investing. In the past few years, he's has helped many expats setup their brokerage account and start investing the Bogleheads way.


Venue: Abu Dhabi University, Dubai Campus:

Parking and access to the venue:

- There is free parking round the back of the university (near the Holiday Inn express at the start of the roundabout). All you have to do is press the button at the gate to the underground parking and it will open. Then proceed to basement 2.

- Once parked, go to the lift and press the ground floor button.- The venue is the multipurpose room in front of the reception.

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Note that we are not professional advisors. All of this is based on our personal experiences. This means we're not trying to sell you anything ;-)

Personal Finance and Investing is important for everyone - invite your friends if you agree! :-)

We look forward to seeing you there!

The SimplyFI team.