What we're about

This is a group where common sense meets sustainability. Let us learn together and share the sustainable practices we have implemented and adopt more. Special invite to sustainable businesses to share their good work and motivate others.
Vision is to achieve a sustainable world - 17 Sustainable Development Goals / 169 targets - Agenda 2030. But overall - lets use some common sense - you will be surprised how close it is to being sustainable!!

We are a group of people coming together to support social causes and Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the UN. The application where we all are registered is https://fandoro.com

We support the verified and registered Non Profits with Fandoro and support them with supplies / cash / effort.

NGOs are welcome to choose the SDGs/ causes they are working towards and add their needs at https://vendor.fandoro.com

Individuals build their impact portfolio by choosing the social causes and SDGs they are passionate about. And contribute towards the needs of the NGOs.

Enterprises that wish to support the effort and champion causes are most welcome to join us at https://enterprise.fandoro.com . We encourage their employees to actively participate in these meetups.

We all can collectively overcome the challenges and help each other meet our goals and move the needle on our chosen causes / SDGs.

The idea of meetup is to celebrate our work and let the world know they can make an impact on the causes, and meet the Sustainable Development Goals - one need at a time. Thank you for joining us.

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Building Planet Positive Businesses (Through SDGs)

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