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Heart-Centered Action Project SCV
• What we'll do See a need in our community? Want some help to fill it? How can we be over service to each other as a collective? Let's commune and do this! - Visiting elderly in a community - Packing meals or toiletries for delivery to the homeless - Home cooked goodies to thank our fire men & women and police officers - A special person who deserves recognition in our neighborhood, school, work, etc who would never expect a thing for what they've done. Let's celebrate them by visiting their home, office, etc and sing their praises! - Fundraiser for the community • What to bring Ideas, notebook, pen, water bottle and maybe comfy shoes if we decide to do this outside... • Important to know The purpose of this meet up is for those of us who want to be in service to our community and those in need but don't know where to start to find the right organization to volunteer with or enough people to help you with an idea. This group is not affiliated with any religious groups and is open to all - all are welcome. Depending on # of RSVP's to the events, we will schedule location accordingly.

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Santa Clarita · Santa Clarita, CA

Respond by: 12/15/2018

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Searching for your Tribe? Want to get involved in making a difference? Need help? Let's do this!
Feeling low? Feeling too much of life and can't get unstuck? The best antidote for that is to put down and forget your own "stuff" for a bit and reach out to help someone else. That selfless love feels good and always finds its way back to you! Imagine what we could do together!

Do you see something in our community makes you sad, mad, and feeling helpless because you don't know how to help by yourself? Me too!!

So much we could do! Homelessness - making meals, delivering blankets, toiletries, water..., Elderly visits (this one is close to my heart - so many stories they have to tell & for us to learn from!), Nature clean-ups, Hosting a fundraiser for a need....and oh so much more!

Let's gather, commune and take heart-centered action. Let's roll up our sleeves and do this!! Can't wait to make a difference with you in our community of SCV!

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