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How do you communicate with people who just don't get it? Have you been told that you need to build your "relationship skills" at work? Do the extroverted people on the sales team drive you up the wall? Would you be happy if all you had to do was produce work instead of having to deal with people?

My name is Shannon Harrison and I am a geeky nerdy therapist here in Denver who is deeply committed to engineers being able to share their gifts in the workplace AND feel confident in their ability to communicate (or at least less stressed). Often trying to communicate as a logic-oriented individual with people who are not that way leaves us feeling misunderstood & frustrated. We may have even lost or walked away from jobs because of it.

This meeting is open to anyone and is intended for engineers/programmers/techies to discuss and share their experiences and ongoing challenges with others who can directly understand and relate to what they are going through. We will meet twice a month to bring to the table challenging relationships at work, and, in addition to hearing from others, I will guide you through some effective practices and techniques with the intent of leaving you more aware of what's really going on in the conversation, what to do when defensiveness come up, and the best chance you have to be heard and understood (i.e. grokked:)

Although I am a therapist, this is NOT therapy. The intent is to grapple and experiment with communication in a no risk environment in a way that might make dealing with people easier and being at work less stressful. There is a cost associated with this meetup: $20 per meeting, they usually last about 1.5 hours.

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