What we're about

* Are you in your 40's and ready to meet more people around your age?
* Interested in connected on a deeper level in a group that is welcoming, respectful, and safe?
* Ready to make friends, or meet singles - some events will be 'socials' for all, and some will be for 'singles'
* Let's connect via hiking, happy hours, dinners, game nights, entertaining, or educational events

People in our forties often face a shrinking social circle, but we also choose relationships that are a better fit for us. We feel more comfortable being ourselves, and we aren't as embarrassed to try new things. We value making memories and appreciate life. We may need reading glasses, have to work out more, and beware of injuries. But we are wiser, and able to choose a better life for ourselves. So let's harness our strengths and embrace this era together! (Research by Sarah Crow, Best Life) https://bestlifeonline.com/advice-about-turning-40/

** The group is initially for people in our 40's (born 1979 - 1970). However each year shifts the group a little. if you're 49, and a positive participant of the group, please continue with us. Eventually the group may change to "from 40's to early 50's."

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