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4th SDET Gathering @ ThoughtWorks

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4th SDET Gathering @ ThoughtWorks!

Speaker: Vladimir Sneblic
Title: Continuous Delivery 101
Description: Through automation of the build, deployment, and testing process, and improved collaboration between developers, testers and operations, delivery teams can get changes released in a matter of hours–sometimes even minutes–no matter what the size of a project or the complexity of its code base.

Vladimir is a lead consultant at ThoughtWorks whose main passion is in helping people resolve issues and challenges. In his career, he has worked in most roles associated with an Agile project; he draws on the knowledge gained on these projects to help coach and guide delivery teams in technical and Agile best practices. More recently Vlad has focused on the Continuous Delivery space and the challenges people face in delivering the right solutions to the customers in a repeatable, low friction way.

Speaker: Dan Abel
Title: Fast forwarding our manual QA: a war story
Description: How we hacked our automated tests to help get through the 'last mile' of manual testing.

I've spent more than 17 years hands-on developing and delivering
software. I enjoy the feeling of working with a great team and getting things into production; capturing real accurate feedback from a live system and getting that 'done' feeling. I love solving performance and production problems, looking at how a system works as a whole as well the nitty gritty of each part. More and more, I'm interested in people as the key in software delivery and enabling others to come together and create something new.
Read what I'm thinking about at (

There will now be a small charge of £2.50 to confirm your place for the meet up. This will be donated to a great cause – The Great Ormond Street Hospital Transplant Games & Recreational Fund; Details of the cause can be found here

We look forward to seeing you!