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This is an experimental group, I was recently inspired by a conversation I had with an acquaintance- to create a platform where local businesses can come together and support & help each other out. Be it in spirit, sharing of opinion, brainstorming, running events etc.

The aim is NOT to sell sell sell so that you can make profit profit profit but rather more community oriented : which means it focuses on sustainablity (economically and earth resources), giving back to the community, supporting each other (even with the bitter truth) and so on and so forth. In other words- a community of concious businesses.

Why I feel compelled to do is because I acknowledge there is power in numbers and volume and progress & innovation with healthy competition. However, capitalism and consumerism is now effecting the economy and earth- resources are scarce yet is thrown out as wastage every other day; just because the people responsible can afford it. There has to be another way... perhaps it is time to build a more concious economy?

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