What we're about

Please read the following thoroughly before making RSVP or attend any of our meetups. We have over 30 years combined experience in corporate and professional training, so we kinda know what we are doing. We wish to give back, but the group must be sustainable from a culture perspective.

Summary of Community Values

1. Learning

2. Responsibility

3. Win-win

4. Actions for mastery

5. Respectfulness

6. Collaboration

7. Positive networking

Community Guidelines:
1. We encourage the development of self, and this will include paid sessions from 1 July 2019 onward. This encourages our sustainable cycle of giving back. Our free sessions are run online here:


Check the group's Event page for such online meetups.

Some key guidelines for you to maximize the value of each community session would include these:

• Personal Responsibility. This means that if you have a responsibility to sustain your learning by participating in the group, encouraging stimulating discussions, and share your own learning from other sources. This is not a game or a feel-good group for us. We are very serious in supporting people who are doing their best to grow themselves. Your Life is your responsibility, we are not able to support you if you abdicate your personal responsibility.

• Respect and Care. Everyone has a different viewpoint, and it is possible to run up against some people who have differing viewpoints. Personal intellectual humility is important to maintain a positive learning attitude.

• Commitment to Self through Participation. In this group, learning means you have to participate. If you are asked to participate in activities, they are often because they are designed with an outcome of learning in mind. If you prefer sitting in a corner instead of interacting, you should not come for COG events as we wish to foster interaction.

2. We are tolerant and welcoming group in general. However, we reserve the right to ask others to leave under the following circumstances:

• Religion (This is a community meant for professional growth. Please refrain from encouraging conversations that revolve around religions. We will ban those who contact any of our members (even if these people have not attended any of our meetings) to solicit religious related services.

• Selling/Soliciting without permission. As this community is curated as a way to create change, selling should be based off a formal agreement between us and the seller. We welcome conversations, but do not sell during the meetups as it detracts people from the learning agenda. However, you are free to connect after the session if it is a mutual benefit. Please note that PDPA is also a core concern within our community. Honor the privacy of others. Always get consent first.

• LGBT/ Transgender. Everyone has their privacy, choices and options. We do not encourage topics that interfere with the learning agenda.

4. Please be mindful and take care of the space where our meetups are held.

Regarding Partnerships

We understand simple logic. If you want us to do you a favor, we need to see value. If you simply expect us to offer you marketing for free, that's not really a fair partnership.

Our stand: We love collaboration. However, we often have to make important judgement for the good of the community.

1. Take the effort to show up, meet us and our community in person. It is only fair for all parties (CoG Founders, our regulars, the newer members, potential collaborators) to see, feel, understand all parties involved in a professional and responsible way. If you don't know our people, you can't offer your best.

2. We are very clear and conscious in the work we do, for the people we offer this group to. We would love to and welcome all parties who are equally clear and conscious in the work they do. In other words, you will want to also propose an agreement that demonstrates win-win gains.

3. Please be clear when you send a proposal. We are sure you value your time, so please respect ours. Present a clear proposal that shows us that you are clear about how to derive maximum win-win value. Don't just message us for chit-chat, ask about what the events are about (you can read about it, we have invested a lot of time to make it clear and detailed).


In the pursuit of life as a professional, many of us get stuck and mired in narrow perspectives that holds us back from our dreams. Many of us have gone through education that prepared almost nothing usable as the adults we are currently.

We find ourselves in environments which we have to learn rapidly about real world problems and how to walk the path of a very volatile and complex world we are in. Our education is often insufficient to get us to handle such a new world. The knowledge of some of our teaching professionals were last updated since the time they were taught to teach. For some of us, our skills or rather, knowledge, were last updated since we graduated from wherever we graduated from. That makes it ever more outdated. For instance, many people still think that an atomic structure is a fixed solar-system like structure, which is quite incorrect.

Many of us go through Life without being consciously aware of what is good for us; as a person, as a career/ profession, as a parent/ spouse/ family member. Many of us go through Life without being consciously aware of unhealthy competition, envy, jealousy, anger, frustration.

Has it occurred to you that we have gone through so much in life?

Yet, how much of our human potential are we tapping into at this moment that you are reading this?

More often than not, most of us are utilizing less than 5% of our full potential. This is not something we create from nowhere. These information are all over the library, internet and major universities, research labs that specializes in this area of human development. Go read the scientific papers and research, between 90% to 95% of ourselves are actually hidden deep within the subconscious.

That is a HUGE part of our potential that are not utilized or seriously misused simply because we are not conscious.

Our definition of Conscious Awareness: ability to discern, have clarity and comprehend information that we receive every moment of our waking moments without making judgmental or cognitive biases

Competency:having knowledge of something (an action, thought or feeling), using deliberate, and intentional response of our knowledge to our surrounding. You know what you are doing and, in every action, decision, choice you make in Life… you are fully aware of what is going on in the different dimensions of Life.

Wouldn't it be good to find practical solutions to maximize your learning, solve specific issues that are holding you back, while creating meaningful action steps that lead you towards greater success in your life?

We structure information and curate knowledge to be shared to the people who turn up in our world; to the people who are progressing and growing themselves. Theory is nothing. Theories will surmount to nothing when no application is made in Life. The oxymoron here is - actions are nothing, when it is applied blindly and not only it doesn't bring us forward... we are often left with unpleasant consequences because of that "default unconscious behaviour" coming from deep within us.

How many of us desire to move forward and make quantum leaps in our career, our professional life? Many.

How many of actually do that?


For people who are heroes and heroines, people who will apply the frameworks, models or insight learnt, see improvements in your own life:-

1. become better at the important soft skills when dealing with self and others (many people forget that self love and self-compassion are important components for our professional growth),

2. learn about influence and leadership,

3. enjoy continuous learning and personal transformation...

then, this is where you will find practical takeaways for making your life better, happier, more connected and more powerful!

In Community of Growth, we encourage our Heroes and Heroines to be

- courageous, take meaningful actions
- learn new capabilities, turn these abilities into updated competencies
- share your personal experiences with others in positive environment. You'll create confidence in your own abilities while learning together with like-minded people. Let us learn and grow together!

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