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Communication 101: Impeccability with Our Words
As we open 2019 with the theme - Reclaiming & Stepping into our Own Power, we thought it would be most appropriate to kick off this year's meetup with Communication. We talk everyday but for most people, daily unconscious self hypnosis. Some of us don't understand why others are so easily offended when talking to us. How can we be in power when we are communicating without awareness? Constantly offending people one way or another? Do we even have to point it out, make it obvious if you are in or desire to be in leadership position? Have you ever been in situations where conversations that you are engaged in almost flare up into fights because neither parties are clear in what is being talked about. We might think we know. Do we really know or are we jumping into assumptions of what the other is saying? e.g. 3 people talking about "program" within growth context. Mr A hear and reacted violently because "program" function as triggers, implying that he is "no good". Mr B got triggered from Mr A's reaction and "argued" from his perspective that "program" could be untapped possibilities, how could it be negative?" Mr C, IT programmer hears "program", zoned off into his own space thinking about the IT programming languages and how it worked in "The Matrix". Are they right or wrong? Is it even appropriate to separate right or wrong? The same people can argue about cucumber to have #A arguing on the color of the cucumber, #B insisting that cucumber is long with many seeds, #C claiming it's good for salad. They disagree with each other. Ended up again in a fight. Do they know what they talking about? Context or content? Did they check or clarify? How impeccable are we with our words when communicating? Do we speak with integrity and clarity? Do we ask the other party what they mean when they say or write something? We don't even need to attend classes on communication if we are not aware of the words and their meanings that came out from us. How many of us would automatically assume instead of clarify? Words and phrases have been veiled by "additional influence" culturally within our societies. Come on, let's be very honest here. At least to ourselves. Who can we be honest with if we can't even be honest with ourselves? It is common for people to misunderstand words/ phrases because 1. the individual is not listening to what the other is saying. Instead of listening, s/he is running internal dialogues, making assumptions of what was said 2. the word/ phase used is uncommon. Instead of checking for the meaning or clarifying other's point of view, it is easier to react and jump into assumptions. 3. both are looking from different perspectives. E.g. words that are commonly misused, veiled & misconstrued by cultural, societal overlay: Power Communication Relationship Empathy Education I wonder, how helpful or useful is it when we don't understand the impeccability of our words. About the evening: This evening, we will dissect communication from a powerful unorthodox angle. How many times have we gotten into rage, swore off relationships because of 1. poor representation of what we've just said 2. the other party is offended by the words that just spew from our mouth? Words, spoken... can never be taken back. 3. "fighting" from our perspective and the other is "fighting" from their perspective 4. regretted what was said and 5. destroyed relationships due to "trivial misunderstanding" aka assumptions? Every word that we misuse on people and ourselves become hypnosis, become judgement, first on self than others, become beliefs that limit us than free us. How good do we feel when we go against ourselves, judged others and "conveniently" misuse, not taking responsibility of our words? In any blame-game, 3 fingers'll point back for that 1 finger pointing at others. This is not to create guilt but to teach us to be responsible in using our words. To have impeccable communication, we have to start from now, from us.

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Community Guidelines:

1. This meetup is free but it doesn’t mean that it’s free from

• Personal Responsibility

• Respect to Others

2. Please leave EGO and all intentional dis-empowering words, thoughts, behaviours and/or attitude at the door or be shown the door during actual meetup.

3. We are tolerant in general. Tolerance ends when these topics are breached

• Religion (This is a community meant for professional growth, please refrain from encouraging conversations that revolve around religions.)

• LGBT/ Transgender (Everyone have their privacy, choices and options. We do not encourage any topics that are not relevant to professional growth).

4. Please be mindful and take care of the space where our meetups are held.

5. This is not a game or a feel-good group for us. We are very serious in supporting people who are looking to help themselves. You do your work, we'll definitely be with you. (Yes, you have to do your work. We cannot be held responsible for your own life.)

Please refrain from taking this community, its regulars and its resources for granted or you will be shown the door.


Has it occurred to you that we have gone through so much in life, but more common than not, almost every individual who are in the middle or bottom ladder of a society are utilizing less than 5% of your full potential.

Go and read your scientific papers and research, between 90% to 95% of ourselves are hidden deep within the subconscious. This is a HUGE part of ourselves that are not utilized or seriously misused because we are not aware.

Of the 5% to 10% that are available to us... most of us are well-nurtured by good intention gone south to engage in fear, constraints and limitations. Almost half of the remaining 5% to 10% of our conscious self, life and time are spent fearing what others might say or think of us, looking for multiple contingencies that are never ever used, searching for 3rd, 4th, 5th opinions that causes more frustration that providing solutions.

And to top it off... we are truly, magnificently veiled, covered, misuse, misconstrue our choice of words, thoughts and intentions to limit and restricts ourselves as well as others instead of nurturing them.

How many of you out there reading this have used such language everyday in your life without realizing:

- I don't believe in xyz...

- I can't do xyz...

- I try/ tried...

- It's a problem, but not my problem...

- I hate xyz...

Did it occur to you that the reason you are not able to realize your full potential lies with you, me, us, ourselves... hypnotizing our mind with dis-empowering words, thoughts and intention.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to find ways to maximize your learning, solve specific issues that bother you, while creating meaningful action steps that lead you to achieve greater success in your life?

We structure information and curate knowledge to be shared to the rest of the world.
If you are a knowledge seeker who wants to apply and see improvements in your own life:-

1. become better at the important soft skills when dealing with self and others (many people forget that self love and self-compassion is an important component for our professional growth),

2. learn about influence and leadership,

3. enjoy continuous learning and personal transformation...

then this is where you will find practical takeaways for making your life better, happier, more connected and more powerful!

In our Community of Growth, learn new capabilities, share your own experiences with others in a highly encouraging and positive environment. You'll create confidence in your own abilities while learning together with like-minded people. Let's learn and grow together!

This is a Public Event - Free to Attend (unless specified).

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