What we're about

"Blank Slate" desires to be a new kind of community. Founded and created by Pastor Sue Pizor Yoder, who lives just outside of Allentown PA, it has a simple vision: to be a safe place to journey.

Quotes from the "Blank Slate" funding proposal may describe this group best:
"Our hearts are being called to create a safe space, for folks who have left institutional religion, but consider themselves spiritual beings, to engage in meaningful conversation...We desire to journey with them creating places where they can deconstruct and reconstruct their relationships with God and find meaning for their lives in community."

Funding has been approved to create a pub in Allentown, where conversations about things that matter can happen. This is where Blank Slate communities (such as ours) will one day be able to meet.

The core values of Blank Slate are:
We encourage growth and wholeness of body, mind and spirit.
We practice compassion.
We encourage love of self and others.
We honor differences among people.
We encourage sharing stories.

With an effort to expand the Blank Slate community, I combined my love for music, community, and meaningful conversation to start this group. Meetings are a time to meet new friends, have snacks and drinks, play songs by yourself or with other local musicians, and talk about things that matter. All music is fair game. We honors differences- in music styles too!

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Hang & Jam Night

Alister Morristown

Hang & Jam Night ("Peace")

Alister Morristown

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