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Anxiety & Depression Peer Group - Eco-Grief, Climate Anxiety
Anxiety and Depression group meets weekly. Saturday topics rotate between Eco-Anxiety, Corruption, Economic Anxiety. These are the top fears of Americans. Learn to conquer fear with courage.

Lafayette Public Library - Main Library

301 West Congress Street · Lafayette, LA

Respond by: 11/17/2018

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Learning to communicate in ways that help me get my needs met has greatly improved my Depression and Anxiety.

Well, my meds are working fine. My work is going well. I am healthy. I have a 12 step program. I work it. My family is as well as can be with some of us getting older and some of us trying to become adults.

I am still grabbed by anxiety if I watch the news; Recognize that summer is hotter than usual; Attend a political event; Fall into a conversation with anyone who practices conversation by criticizing the world, it's people and me, if I happen to ask a question or mention a challenge.

I have come to believe that the place and time on Earth where I live gives me good reasons to feel anxious and to become depressed. I mean real reasons that would make reasonable people feel depressed and anxious.

Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication), this Peer Support Group and working on my health have brought me to a decision to focus this support group as much outward as inward. We live culturally in ways that are making us sick, violent, and suicidal.

The basic holistic work of this peer support group works if you work it. But it doesn't make the world any healthier. Compassionate Communication practice builds strength, courage and the compassion needed to do the difficult work of bringing compassion into this world and living into it. I cannot change the world but I can help create a community of people who treat one another with respect and compassion.

in strength and compassion,

Diane Kirksey,

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