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This experiential group is for couples who are wanting to learn and develop skills to deepen their intimacy and autonomy (truth telling).
We believe that healthy relationships consist of more flow, trust, ease, support, encouragement, exploration and co-creativity and are void of deep, painful hurt and isolated separation when conflict arises.
The benefits of learning and practicing Compassionate Communication include:
-Experiencing more intimacy, openness, connection and joy.
-Feeling heard and understood.
-Identifying and asking for what you want in a way that needs are more easily met.
-Creating greater trust in each other.
-Learning how to cultivate peace, harmony and truth in the relationship.
-Turning unresolved conflicts into opportunities for greater intimacy.
-Discerning when a demand is masquerading as a request.
-Identifying hidden desires and needs.
-Being part of a conscious community.
-Making life wonderful. Relationships don't have to be so hard.

This is for people who have experience with Compassionate Communication (also known as Non-Violent Communication) and for those that are brand new to the concepts of Compassionate Communication. The focus on this experiential group is practicing as well as learning the principles of Compassionate Communication.
Dale and Kathy provide a safe space and support for people to explore their edges when expressing themselves in their truth and vulnerability. We move at the pace of the group and meet the individual and couple where they are without pressure or expectation.
Kathy and Dale are both Life Coaches who are committed to the development of healthy relationships.
Come join us for this free intro to our upcoming 8-week Compassionate Communication for Couples Practice Group.

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