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Hello friends, associates, newcomers, Meetup members, and YOGA lovers! Are you ready to take a holistic adventure?! Compassionate Yoga is ready to serve you. I hope you are doing well and I hope your aura is radiating with positive energy. My name is Miguel. I created this group to connect with like-minded individuals, to build lasting close bonds, to offer inexpensive yoga, fitness, and meditation classes, and to raise awareness about health, wellness, maturity, change, equality, unity, and of course compassion. I seek sophisticated, intellectual, health conscious, environmental conscious, kindhearted, mature people. For further information on Compassionate Yoga and Atlantic Station Wellness Wednesdays, please read the Meetup posts.

Compassionate Yoga: A community wellness & holistic program that offers compassion training through yoga classes that incorporates Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Heart Rhythm Meditation, Shamatha Meditation, and Ananda Yoga. Classes are offered primarily at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Atlanta as well as public parks located in and near Atlanta, Georgia (throughout Fulton County & Dekalb County), such as Piedmont Park in Midtown, Glendale Park in Decatur, and Frankie Allen Park in Buckhead.

Visit our official website @ http://www.heartchakrayoga.com

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"Everything you've ever done, every person you've ever met, every experience you've ever had is a part of who you are today. EVERYTHING needed to be as it was, otherwise you wouldn't have grown into you. Everything has a purpose, a REASON, and its rightful place in your life’s path. Have cognizance and presence in EVERY single moment and realize that everything and everyone is connected!"



"Breathe. Stretch. Hope. Love. Envision. Meditate. Focus On Yourself. Reduce Stress. Build Strength. Find Stability. Gain Balance. Enhance Flexibility. Live In The Moment. Be Peaceful. Become Grounded. - All of this combined is what yoga is all about!"


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PARTICIPATE IN OUR NEXT EVENT - Peaceful Warrior: Exploring Compassion Through Yoga, Meditation, & Dialogue - Sunday August 16, 2015 starting @ 12:30 PM - Atlanta Shambhala Center by Downtown Decatur


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