Information as a physical entity, entropy and life

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Complexity Explorers Kraków
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The meetup is on the 2cnd floor of Rynek 28 Coworking space. Please find the gate right next to the Vis à Vis Cafe, (same gate where the Harris Piano Jazz Bar is located), enter the gate, go straight to the end and get to the 2cnd floor.

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Let’s meet and learn on physicality of information, entropy and life. Also on a link with category theory and how it can be used as a thinking tool.

Radek Kycia's talk will consist of three main parts. First, it will present the basic facts about phenomenological thermodynamics, including entropy. Then explain Maxwell's demon paradox and how it can be resolved. This resolution provided by Landauer connects information with its physical realization. It was given only in the 70s of the previous century. Finally, some rudiments of Category theory will be presented, including the Galois connection. It will allow us to attack the Landauer's principle with a new angle and to make more abstract statements, including statements about life and evolution.

This will be mostly the general audience talk, so do not be afraid of complicated math.
There will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the deep interconnection between physics, mathematics, and computer science, and we hope you will take part in it!

Radosław (Radek) Kycia ( works at Cracow University of Technology, Kraków, and at Masaryk University, Brno ( Has obtained a Ph.D. degree in Theoretical Physics and a bachelor's degree in Computer science both from Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Radek works at the interface between physics, mathematics, and computer science, especially at interdisciplinary research. He is also the supervisor of scientific circle Enigma (