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Just seeing if there are other musicians out there who like to compose film and game oriented music for hobby, ideally those just out of college like myself and have too much time on their hands. :P The reason for this group is that most other groups I've seen are more networking/career oriented, whereas I'm looking more for other musicians to collaborate and bounce ideas with.

The type of music for this group is less pop/techno/dance/house and more along the lines of stuff from film or video games, such as piano arrangements or orchestral pieces produced using sound libraries like EWQL or Vienna. Remixes and covers of existing songs are also welcome. I don't really know the genre, but feel free to listen to samples below to get a feel for what I'm talking about.

Example of music this group will be aimed towards:
http://www.kotobox.net/ (my own work)

The idea for this group is to meet often and share current songs you are working on, as well as get feedback and collaborate with others. We can do improvisation sessions where we just play instruments together to brainstorm ideas for songs. Maybe we can even have days where we just spend hours composing as many songs as we can as a group. Feel free to suggest events or share ideas as well as your own projects in the discussion board.

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Composing Music Hangout
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I generally spend my weekends composing at my home studio. If anyone wants to come by to collaborate or bounce ideas, I'm open to that. Just let me know when is convenient in the comments.

I have 4 keyboard pianos and 2 mini ones that we can all use if people want to improvise together or use on their own projects (bring a laptop in that case). I'm not that good myself, so this is all solely for fun. :)

Here are some of my own orchestrations so you get a sense of the genre I go for:

Some songs I'm currently working on and wouldn't mind help on:


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