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This is a group for those interested in a venue for applied and theoretical computer science talks. This group is differentiated from other programming groups as it is generally language agnostic and rooted in problem solving rather than exploring features and frameworks; it is differentiated from a collegiate computer science group as it is more focused on application and presentation. I started this club for the purpose of 1) providing a venue for learning and presenting technical computer science topics, 2) concentrating those with similar interests for the purpose of connecting and networking, and 3) facilitating personal and community improvement at a superlinear rate. So, if you care what the time and space complexity of algorithms you use are, have concern about saving your stack by optimizing recursive tail calls, wonder why ML-derived languages are awesome for ASTs, ponder the parallels between automaton and programming constructs, or simple wonder what the functor that all meant, this would be a great group to check out. Oh yeah, and by the way, since this group is all about self improvement and developing a strong community, presentations are recorded and available afterwards for all to see.

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Kalman Filters


Computational Graphs and TensorFlow

Lofty Labs

Functional Programming


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