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It is my ambition to create a group that is broken up into two parts: a bi-monthly meeting for individuals whose ages range between between 18 to 40 years of age, and a second bi-monthly meeting that caters to individuals whose ages are between 30 and 60 years of age. This is not to suggest that an individual who is 50 can not attend a gathering of individuals who are 18 to 40 years of age. Further, I am endeavoring to create a social group that not only helps people to meet one another in the community, but also actually gives back to the same community. Specifically -- with the help of each member, we will schedule monthly events (such as a catered dinner at The Odd Fellows Hall in Concord, California). Based on the total cost of the event, I will send out a "blast" to let each member know that the anticipated cost will be $15.00 per person for that specific event. However, in addition to the "fee" for attending, each person attending will be expected to raise (for example) $30.00 for a charitable organization that the group has selected in advance. Most importantly, I don't want the members of this group to simply give us the additional $30.00 out of their pockets; I would like each member to actually ask friends and family for $5.00 each or $3.00 each, so that these individuals also become aware of the work we are doing. That way we will actually be a group of individuals committed to the health, safety and welfare of our community, friends and family. Lastly, please feel free to email me with any suggestions on a new name for our group -- although I think the current name is good, I know with your help it can be better. I thank you in advance for your help and participation and I look forward to your input and suggestions. Antonio (V1ST.ORG)

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