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Small Group Meeting - Criminal Justice System Issues

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Following our decision at the last meeting, we're going to begin having the small group discussion follow the general topic of the Wednesday meetup. In this case, we'll be talking about issues in the criminal justice system. If you would like to research any of the topics listed below and present a summary to the group, please let one of the organizers know using the Contact link on the left. This is an important topic and very relevant to Humanism.

For instance:

* Racial discrimination in the justice system

Maria plans to read this book and give a report. Others are encouraged to read it as well if you're interested:

* Restorative justice

DavidK brought up this topic and has written a blog post about it:

* Teaching meditation to prisoners

Paul is interested in this topic and will do some research.

* The war on drugs

* Prison privatization

* The relationship between "Free will" and responsibility/compassion

* Other topics?