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Bo Bennett ~ "An Introduction to Positive Humanism", First Wednesday Dialog

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What is positive humanism? Positive humanism is an applied humanistic philosophy based on the scientific findings of positive psychology that focuses on personal, professional, and societal flourishing.

Translation: As an applied philosophy it offers practical solutions to increase well-being. As a humanistic philosophy, there are no appeals to the supernatural, the magical, or the mystical—the philosophy is founded on reason and critical thinking. The philosophy is science-based, meaning it is void of the unsupported and/or exaggerated claims and the constant confusing of correlation with causality often found in the self-help genre. The philosophy is grounded in the theories of positive psychology, which is the study of the other side of the mental health spectrum—human thriving. The philosophy focuses on concrete strategies to help individuals in all areas of personal growth and professional success, primarily through being of prosocial acts and through distributed kindness.

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Bo Bennett

Bo is a secular Humanist and a PhD candidate in social psychology. His spiritual/intellectual journey began as a result of a lifetime of unanswered questions. Bo devoted countless hours to studying religion — Christianity in particular, which included reading the entire Bible from cover to cover (New International Version). He has listened to over 1000 hours of religious debate, read many books written by both atheists and Christians, and completed dozens of courses from world’s leading universities on Christianity, Catholicism, Theology, Biblical Studies, Argumentation, Historical Jesus, Cosmology, Biology, Evolution, Quantum and Particle Physics, Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and even Apologetics.

Today, from a secular perspective, Bo is very active at promoting reason, rationality, and critical thinking to people of all religions and philosophies. He is the administrator of (, a critical thinking page on Facebook (, and his personal blog at ( Bo is the author of "The Concept (", a book that cleverly examines religion and the nature of God, as well as the author of "Logically Fallacious (", the largest known published collection of logical fallacies.