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This is a new group for people already living or just starting out on low carb, Ketogenic (Low Carb High Fat) and related diets/lifestyles. Your goals would usually be weight loss but many adopt this way of eating as an ongoing lifestyle choice. I will be adding a more detailed description soon but for now this is the general idea. I foresee weekly meetups to discuss goals, struggles, victories, recipes, shopping tips, etc., and going forward other activities that might be helpful and fun. In general just a nice group of friends to support each other in our journeys to becoming healthier and happier, because we all need that.
Please be patient as I’m just starting this to see if there is interest so there may not be a meetup posted right away. So please join and also let me know if you have suggestions for meetups.
All ages will be welcome but please be over 18 as these are dietary and medical choices to be made by adults only. Thank you.
I look forward to meeting you!

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