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Welcome to ConfiDance.

Dance. I know you want to!

I offer an environment without the pressures of the gym. You can set your own pace and goals, based on how much you want to improve your skill. I will strengthen your ability to dance through a series of progressively challenging steps. If you struggle with certain techniques, I can help you develop your own.

I teach movements that allow you to develop your own style. Starting with basic dance techniques I will demonstrate how to create more and more complex dance moves. I teach you how to use your body’s natural expression as you learn a style of Dancing that is fresh, fun, wild and sexy

I offer a safe and comfortable environment to learn in and Dance workouts to popular music that are fun and beneficial to staying fit.

These fun social get togethers will ask a lot of it's members. Are up for it?


Be In Excellent Physical Health!
Know that They are beautiful and not just because someone told you you are.
Love your body! (What! Are you still waiting around for someone else to love it for you???)
Be willing to REALLY try even if you think you .... oh wait, that's right! that word is not used here!
Be energetic:)
Know that no one else dances quite like you and be ok with that
Be yourself. (Trying to be someone else takes way too much time and energy)
Be hygiene conscious. You will sweat, Naturally!
Be comfortable Dancing in front of an appreciative audience. (Our group)
PLEASE NO Heavy COLOGNES OR PERFUMES people will be sharing your bubble.😊
Each class will begin with Breathing exercises, a gentle warm up to music, some discussion and then progress to a series of Dance workouts to loosen up the body and then to a period of exploration of various genres of music and different ways to interpret each using our own individual styles of Dance and new movements guided by the instructor.

Everyone will get an opportunity to dance for the class for the purpose of overcoming self consciousness and gaining a better sense of self and confidence.

All participants will offer support to one another as we all let go of or ease out of our inhibitions around our ability to Dance.

Benefits of your participation are, fun, laughter and exercise in a welcoming and easy going environment. This is a great way to stay fit and active over the coming months, and a great way to meet and enjoy the company of new and amazing people.

You are welcomed to Invite your friends for greater savings, 5 or more friends @10$ per person

I offer affordable packages, or individual classes that give you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Weekly regular classes - Tuesdays 7 pm arrival, class begins by 7:10 - 8:40 Dates will change occasionally

Individual lessons are $20 at the door or RSVP meetup/paypal 15.75

Private Lessons @ 89 - 2 hours

3 classes @ 39

5 classes @ 69

8 classes @ 99


Thank You:)

Welcome To ConfiDance

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