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This group is for anyone who wants to improve their confidence, charisma, and communication.

The ramifications of improving in this area are so huge--it will improve all areas of life where you interact with other people.

If you are already super social, you probably would not benefit from this group unless you need to develop more awareness around your communication. This group is for anyone looking to overcome minor obstacles of anxiety, insecurity, etc. and make noticeable improvements in the strength of one's communication. A very social person will exhibit these skills in most situations but will struggle to explain, dissect, or teach them because they are happening subconsciously. I, on the other hand, as an introvert, have learned these lessons through long and dedicated study and can explain them clearly.

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Weekly Class: upgrade your confidence/charisma/communication

240, 2880 Stevens Creek Blvd


As human beings, we thrive on healthy relationships. For some of us, it may be slightly more difficult to interact. This could be due to anxiety, so-called introversion, having recently moved to a new city, etc. At work, we might be intimidated by other personalities or be hesitant to speak up in meetings. As a natural introvert, I have overcome A LOT of these tendencies that used to limit me. As a result of dedicated study and practice, I no longer have this problem, and I love the freedom. If you try to get this advice from a naturally social person, they will be able to do what I teach, but they do it without thinking and cannot instruct others. I, on the other hand, went through the learning myself and can break down everything analytically. That’s what I will do in class. You can probably make lots of progress in this area on your own by going out and socializing a lot and reflecting on how it goes. After a few years, you would improve. However, life is short, and I see no reason in taking any longer than necessary to handle this part of your life. I understand that this approach is only going to work for those who are ready to take instruction and make improvements, but I only want to work with students who are going to get results. For that reason, I’m only taking serious students who are willing to change their habits in order to make a true and real difference in this area of their lives. For this reason, the class is capped at 5 people and will have a fee of $20, which is paid in person via cash/credit/Venmo/PayPal. This is a bargain considering that I have paid hundreds of dollars to some of the best teachers in the world. The content you are getting is top notch and immediately applicable. I might create other types of events in the future, but for now my schedule is full. We will waste zero time and get the job done. The first half of class consists of me listening to everyone's examples of situations where they would like to improve their communication. The second half of class consists of me applying concepts to those examples. Concepts and principles will include the following: -Frames -Communicating positive vibes -How to read communication before reacting to it -Overinvestment -Providing value -Humor and improvisation -Reading and displaying body language -Evolutionary meaning of body language -Staying focused at work and avoiding distractions -Professional communication and boundaries -How to make other people feel comfortable -How to listen If something comes up that prevents your attendance, make sure to cancel your RSVP a day in advance so that the wait list participants have sufficient notice. Finally, if you would rather do individual sessions instead of group class in order to progress faster, then send me a private message. The rate is $100 per hour.

Extreme Motivation: deep psychology lecture

240, 2880 Stevens Creek Blvd


The reason you feel constrained is that you're buying into illusions. You are entering the world after already having painted on the pavement in front of you the dotted lines of the lane you're trying to stay in. Well, I have a question. How much more of your life are you going to miss out on? Did we forget that our life is limited? I will not allow my own sloppy thinking to rob me of a meaningful life. I don't like it when I see anyone holding back. But I get it--it's really hard to break free. Why is it so hard? Because psychology is not taught correctly in 2019. If we really understood the mind, then we would be living lives of enthusiasm and passion, not lives of quiet desperation, fearing what's going to happen tomorrow, or spending our free time complaining about high rent costs. Every day I unlock another padlock on the chains that bind me. This is deep stuff. When you wake up in the morning, do you relate to your day as a slave who "has" to do things or as a master who makes free choices? I know the language I'm using might seem grandiose, but these grandiose thoughts are needed to overpower the conditioning we've received over the years. Let's learn about the mind, language, and freedom. I'll be including music as added inspiration. This event is $20, but if you come to Charisma/Confidence/Communication class at 3PM, you get both events for the price of one. I've paid thousands to go to seminars with the greats like Tony Robbins. To be able to attend this for $20 is a no brainer. After the event is done, it will only be accessible as part of a more expensive program on my website. See you Saturday!

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