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Life is scary. I know that. I've lived through constant fears. You can too.

One thing I know about women is that we are a fantastic force when we work together. We are social beings and when we function as a unit the result is mind-blowing.

We all have things we are scared to do. Maybe it's lose weight. Maybe it's go back to school. We are scared of failing and we are scared of change. That's perfectly normal. Fear is always present. But that doesn't mean we should ever allow fears to control us.

Join together to overcome fears.

I'm Danielle. I am a public speaker, writer, and confidence coach. I'm overcome with crippling fear on a daily basis because I'm also a single mother, I'm starting a business, I live alone, and I have no idea how to survive in this world. But one thing I do have is support. I have other amazing women around me who continually show me what bravery and confidence means.

What is your fear? Write me and we can work together to help you overcome it. Let's start a fitness group. Let's schedule a cooking class. Let's schedule fighting lessons. Hell, let's schedule a sky-diving day. Let's own our ability to build each other up. Each one of us can overcome our fears and as a group we can confidently say 'Fear will never stop me.'

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