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This group is for anyone seeking to optimise their body-mind health through simple evidence-based lifestyle changes that maximise your chances of preventing, arresting and even reversing chronic diseases.

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The How and Why of Fasting: New Paradigm Health Congresbury Meetup 001

St Andrews Church of England

This will be the first of our monthly New Paradigm Health Congresbury Meetups which will provide a forum to learn and share health-related experiences in an informal atmosphere. We will be holding them monthly on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm. The first meeting will be on the how and why of fasting when we will discuss the following topics among others: The difference between fasting and starvation The benefits of fasting Precautions to take when fasting The physiological effects of fasting Different types of fasting How to break a fast When fasting is inadvisable How to prepare for a fast For the first meeting we will start with self-introductions, followed by a short (10-20 minute) presentation and then a group discussion during which we can share perspectives and experiences. We will be providing a sneak preview of my forthcoming book, The Little Book of Fasting - What, Why, When, How, Where, and Who Tea, coffee and herbal tea will be available. There will be a charge of £2 per person to cover expenses.

How to Optimise Your Health: Implementing the New Health Paradigm

This two-day intensive hands-on workshop will help empower participants to take control of their health by building an evidence-based personalised health and anti-aging lifestyle programme to optimise health outcomes, minimise the chances of developing chronic diseases, and enhance the odds of reversing pre-existing conditions. The workshop will provide the tools to enable participants to critically appraise the avalanche of conflicting health messages coming from both mainstream and alternative media. The workshop is divided into four parts: 1) Health Journeys and Desired Health Outcomes; 2) The Twelve Principles of Optimal Health; 3) The Seven Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle; 4) Putting it all together. The programme will consist of a mixture of presentations, individual and group exercises, questions and answers, open discussions using a variety of creative facilitation approaches. Lunches and snacks are included. Water, tea, herbal teas and coffee will be available throughout the workshop. Please inform us if you have any food sensitivities. A customised workshop manual will be provided to all participants as soon as possible after the meeting. Ticket can be purchased via PayPal from our website (www.newparadigmhealth.co.uk). £50 Early Bird before 31st December 2019 and £100 after 1 December 2020. See our website for a detailed synopsis and workshop flyer

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