Tide Race Clinic


Learning to handle current in a sea kayak is an important and fun skill. The waters near Fishers Island Sound provide some of the best play areas to work on advanced seamanship and personal paddling performance skills, like blending solid paddling strokes for efficiency, developing your body's balance to edge, carving turns in your boat, and of course, timing it all in fast moving water and standing waves.
This class is designed to improve your understanding of why we have fast flows in Fishers Island Sound and provide various clues to read the water better and so enhance your seamanship skills. Personal performance skills include breaking in and out of eddies, crossing eddy lines with proper edge control, ferry glides, understanding set and drift to establish ferry angles for long crossings, and the big super fun stuff like tide race surfing skills. All will be explored.
This class is aimed at the intermediate and advanced club paddler. It will improve your understanding of what's happening in the current and will help in your ability to pick up surfing in tide races. Incident management best practices can also present themselves. Rescue techniques and rolling skills in current can also be explored and practiced if desired during the class.
ConnYak is delighted to have Greg Paquin and Paula Riegel of Kayak Waveology offering this course. It is an excellent opportunity for paddlers to develop and renew their skills in the warm waters of August in advance of the fall season and Kayak Waveology's annual Autumn Gales symposium in November.
Eligibility: This class is open to ConnYak members only. If you are unsure of your membership status, contact us at [masked] . You may join or renew a membership at http://connyak.org/Yakjoinusform.htm .

Greg Paquin is a highly regarded British Canoeing Performance and Advanced Water Coach in Sea Kayaking, BC leadership provider, BC coach educator, and a long time ACA L5 Coach. He has enjoyed coaching and inspiring thousands of folks in their chosen sport discipline of sea kayaking around the world.
Greg says "Growing up in New England, I've always been drawn the the waters of the North Atlantic coast. After paddling open canoes for years, I discovered ocean paddling after graduating from Civil Engineering school in 1989. I have spent many years absorbing tons of technical information through self-discovery and formal training.I enjoy passing on this knowledge as a sea kayaking coach and guide. I'm a frequent visitor to may places in the world-- some of my favorites are Anglesey, Isle of Man, Scottish Western isles, Outer Hebrides, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Down East Maine, and the Canadian Maritimes. During the summer months you can find me working Kayak Waveology courses on Rhode Island surfing beaches and our local tidal race waters here in Eastern Long Island Sound. This brings me great gratitude and happiness to watch people grow with their skills, knowledge of the environment they work in, and working safely. This alone keeps me growing, motivated, and advancing in my coaching studies."

Paula Riegel: Paula is quite at home playing in the surf zones and is very proficient at it. You usually hear some hooting when she hits the sweet wpot on a good wave while she surfs it in control. Certified as a BCU Five Star Leader in 2013, she is a current British Conoeing Sea Kayak Coach and is one of the early ACA L5 Coaches in North America. She coaches from here in the Northeast to Anglesey, Scotland, the Isle of Man, and Southern Patagonia. She has grace and style as an up and coming BC performance coach. Paula is a prime example of not using brute strength, but rather skill and technique, which speaks to female and male paddlers alike.