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Hello Moms-of-Tots!

Our group was founded in October of 2009. We are parents throughout the Colorado Springs area; from Briargate to Peyton, Fountain to Downtown. This group was formed so that we have a place to come together and make new friends for ourselves and our tots.

Are you looking to meet other local, active, social, friendly, supportive, not-too-serious, open-minded moms of toddlers (older and younger siblings a bonus) for friendship, reassurance, parenting advice, stories, interaction and most of all F-U-N???

We are an active and engaging group of moms who enjoy:

Home playdates Craft playdates Potlucks Themed playdates Gym playdates Exercise sessions MNO / MNI Book Club Breakfast Socials Lunch Playdates Picnics at the Park Zoo trips Local Area Field Trips And so much more! Your tots will love exposure to new places and experiences, playing indoors & out, and socializing with new "little tots"!

We welcome any mom and family who has the time to actively participate in our group. We require that you attend at least one event a month and host at least once per year.

Members are required to contribute a yearly $10. This fund is used to pay's fee to keep the group website up and running. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor our group, many families visit our site and could become customers. Sponsors receive prominent placement of their logo throughout our site, including links to their storefront.

Thanks for viewing our group. To learn more about what we have to offer you and yours, please visit our Pages where you will find a wealth of knowledge about our group.

In the garden of your days cultivate festivity, play and celebrations. --Mary Anne Radmacher



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