What we're about

These are meetings for genuinely open-minded people ready to live the Ultimate Life. Have you read the books, watched the films, attended seminars and come away inspired? But have you been able to create the life you really want to be living from what you have learnt?

Do you feel there is something missing in your life?
Do you believe you are capable of achieving so much more?
Are you frustrated with not understanding HOW to make real change and achieve real results?

If this resonates even slightly with you, this is because you are missing the only part of You that can give you what you have been searching for - the ultimate connection with your Life Energy and your True Nature within (Enlightenment).

Teachers and Gurus say it can take years to reach that level. Not anymore! Be introduced to a life-changing seminar that teaches a proven, scientific, step-by-step model to use more of your mind to create the life you really want. PLUS achieve the very Ultimate you can - to access and live from your Life Energy and True Nature. Meet people who can demonstrate attributes of their own Life Energy/True Nature at will e.g. happiness, bliss, love, unity.

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