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What we're about

An event covering technology and digital for retail / hospitality - online and in-store.

We will look at how consumer demands and struggling retail can be helped with retail technology, omnichannel, user experience, and digital strategy.

Retailers (inc hospitality) are having a tough time at the moment. Not only do they have to fend off large businesses like Amazon, they have to keep up with consumers’ increasing demands. Would be great to get the ideas and conversation flowing from people on both the retail and digital/tech side, on topics like:

• Emerging technologies
• The future of retail
• Strategies / case studies that have worked well
• Current trends

Also, we're aiming to have some free food and drinks too - whoop!

--- Who Should Come ---

This meetup is for:
• People from Retail / Hospitality / Museums / Galleries / Charity Retail / Wholesalers / Retail Brands
• Agencies
• Service Providers
• Digital Freelancers
• ...anyone that works in or with retail

Whether you want to share your ideas, learn something new, or get some help and advice.

You don't have to be technical as we'll have a good mix of talks each event.

--- Time / Date ---

Meetups will be once a month, we're hoping to have the first one in June.

--- Speakers ---

We're going to have 3 fun and insightful talks every month, covering each subject of: retail tech, strategy, and trends - let us know if you want to talk at an event and on what subject.

--- Sponsorship ---

If you'd like to sponsor an event, please contact:

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