OWIN 101 - Building .NET Servers and Applications - Bob Ohlheiser


OWIN 101 - Building .NET Servers and Applications

OWIN is a recent open standard for developing decoupled .NET servers and applications. In this session, we will review the specification and it's implementations, develop a simple application, and review OWIN implementations in ASP.NET MVC.

About the Presenter

Bob Ohlheiser is a senior architect and software engineer based in Hartford, CT. He has developed a wide range of systems for a diverse client base while operating the software engineering and consulting firm R. J. Ohlheiser, Inc. for the past thirty years. Bob a leader of the Connecticut .Net Developers Group (CTDOTNET). He has organized several additional greater Hartford community events including Sharepoint Saturday Hartford and several Hartford Area Code Camps.


Food and beverage is provided by R J Ohlheiser, Inc.

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