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Calling all pet guardians and animal lovers! Whether we share our lives with one or more canine, feline, equine, or avian companion(s), we all have one thing in common…the desire to connect more deeply with our animals and understand what they want to tell us.

In your day-to-day interactions with your cherished furred or feathered friend, have you ever wondered:

• What is my animal trying to say?
• What does she think about?
• How is he feeling?
• Does she know how much I love her?
• What does he want me to do?
• Have we come together for some purpose?

You may not realize that your animal speaks with you all the time telepathically through body language, vocal signals, and by projecting pictures, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The good news is, learning to understand these messages is not only possible, but each and every one of us has natural intuitive capabilities hard-wired into our consciousness! This new group, organized by renowned animal communicator Miranda Alcott, MA-CHH, is intended to support animal lovers in the Los Angeles westside area to discover how to open up your innate channels of communication, deepen your connection with the beloved animals who share your life, and participate in a community where we can share our experiences, questions, challenges, and breakthroughs with each other.

We look forward to meeting you at a future event!

For more information about Miranda's work, please visit http://MirandaAlcott.com

Past events (6)

Animal Communication Workshop Level 1 (paid event)

University of Santa Monica

Introduction to Animal Communication - FREE EVENT!

University of Santa Monica

Info Evening: The Services Dogs Provide

University of Santa Monica

Animal Upsets & Behavior Challenges

University of Santa Monica


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