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Would you like to better connect with others in social settings? Or maybe just better communicate with your kids? What if you knew how to handle that difficult person at work? Or knew how to politely but firmly say 'no thank you' without worrying about hurting the person‘s feelings? And the grand Pooh Bah – what if you had a way to not let anyone push your buttons? If you remained calm and collected in stressful situations and never let your emotions get the best of you?

Each of the situations can be addressed successfully by using emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the art and science of effectively using emotions in your personal and professional lives. There are four major components to emotional intelligence:

Self-awareness - knowing what you’re feeling and why you are feeling it, and how you are showing up to others (for example, realizing you are afraid of rejection instead of just shutting down and avoiding the situation)

Self management - navigating challenging emotions for positive outcomes (talking yourself through that fear of rejection and forging ahead)

Social awareness - recognizing others emotions (reading verbal and nonverbal cues to know if someone is on board with what you are saying or not)

Relationship management - using social awareness to manage interactions effectively (modifying your approach so others remain open to and not triggered by your words or actions)

This group is intended to create a safe space for adults to have meaningful conversations about life. If talking about the E word (emotion) makes you uncomfortable, consider this: neuroscience has proven a direct relationship between emotions and behavior, and it shows that all our decisions all have an emotional root. Since we make about 60,000 decisions every day, would you like to understand how to your emotions are playing a role in your life?

While we have no specific age requirements to join our group, most of our members are in their 40's and 50's. Anyone with a positive outlook and a healthy interest in personal growth is encouraged to join us. Please join us if you are interested in learning how to better connect with yourself and others and navigate your personal and professional lives.

Special Note: To maximize quality group participation, the event size is generally limited to 15. Because there is often a wait list for our events, we request a 48 hour notice if you discover you cannot attend - whether you are on the attending or wait list. This gives those on the wait list a chance to join us. Canceling in less than 48 hours will result in a No Show. Each member gets three No Shows or three opportunities to keep their membership in a twelve month period. And because we usually have people on the wait list, we don't accept drop ins on the day of the meetup, even if there is space. That would be unfair to those who took the time to RSVP and join the wait list. Thank you for understanding and respecting our policy.

We hope you'll join us and look forward to seeing you at an event soon!


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