Soul Connection to the Divine

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Private Residence

4292 Springslope Court · Riverside, ca

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Enter the community thru Collette Ave, then Creekrun Drive. Code to enter is "1986". NO "#" sign.

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Open the Heavenly Gate! To align your energy to the divine source and resonate your soul to the Universe!

Open the Heavenly Gate by receive the Tao Blessing
It is a ceremony to affirm that you seek the Tao of your own nature. These are powerful tools to help you with your own spiritual cultivation. You can then start using them immediately in your daily life. The ordained Master performs the ritual of transmission of these Treasures, after that either the Master or a speaker will explain their meaning to help you practice​. Please note that the details of the Tao Treasures are only disclosed to those who have participated in the Tao Blessing ceremony.

Will my religion change after receiving the Tao Blessing?
​We welcome everyone. Whatever your religion, it will remain unchanged. You only go through the Tao Blessing ceremony once in your lifetime.

How would receive the Tao Blessing benefit me?
It is great for your mind, body and soul. Mind – You will learn how to protect yourself from negative energies, and be more focused. You will be able to improve your concentration whether for your studies, career, meditation, or daily things in your life. Body – You will learn how to protect yourself from danger, calamities, and disasters that might harm you physically. Whenever you feel you need extra assistance from a source outside of yourself, a wellspring of strength will emerge for you.
Soul – With Tao cultivation, you will be free from the sufferings of birth
and rebirth. You can change your fate.

Dress code for the Tao Blessing Ceremony?
Men: Shirt and long trousers/jeans, no shorts; Ladies: No shorts or minis, low cut blouse, preferably wear a top with collar and sleeves. Or you can wear your traditional costumes.

What happens after the Tao Blessing Ceremony?
You will be given a short explanation on how to use the Tao treasures to benefit your mind, body and soul from the blessings.

What happens during the Tao Ceremony?
You will be guided throughout the solemn ceremony in 15-20 minutes. You will have to kneel and bow to receive the Tao treasures.

Any Contribution to participate in Tao blessings?
A token cash contribution applies per person if you want to participate in the Tao Blessing Ceremony. This is a “once in a lifetime” contribution for printing / publications of books / articles for distribution. The merits will be in your name. This money is NOT for the temple use. The suggested merit fee is totally voluntary. Any amount of donation is welcome.

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