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"Connections" to Combat Loneliness
Loneliness is a serious problem many people face regularly.
This group is designed to help people combat loneliness using the principles explained in the TED Talk by Baya Voce:


To address this, we will be promoting our own ritual to make 'anchors of connection'.
We will help each other to be Seen, Heard and Valued by gathering weekly to discuss various topics/questions.

We will also promote other support activities and social events.

Group Rules:

This is a "safe space", therefore, we all agree to:

1-Maintain Confidentiality

2-Show Respect for others' feelings and opinions

3-Engage in Event appropriate conversation

Violations of our rules are grounds for removal.

Only one half of a Divorced or Separated couple my be a member at a time. This rule can be suspended for good cause if the Organizers believe it is safe and warranted for both people.

We are Adults, act like one. Dating within the group is not prohibited, however, No means No! If you receive an unwanted advance, politely say 'no'. If the person persists, report them to an Organizer. Repeated unwanted advances may result in removal/banning from our group.

Differences of opinion are healthy, as long as they are accompanied by mutual respect.

Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.

Always be kind, thoughtful, mindful of your words & actions and be considerate of others.

Gossip is for Middle School, not our group. Repeated offenses are grounds for removal.

There is an annual participation requirement to maintain membership in our group. You must attend a minimum of 3 Events in a 12 month period. Notice will be given before being dropped. Reasonable extenuating circumstances will be considered, so inform an Organizer.

Guests are permitted at appropriate Social Events with the approval by the Event Host. The Member is responsible for their Guest's behavior. All our rules apply to all attendees.

Some Events will state if children (no age limit) of Members are welcome. Be mindful of their presence. The Member is responsible for the safety and actions of their children.

Any Member may 'Host' an appropriate Event. That person will be the 'Event Host(s)'. Under the MeetUp system/platform only an 'Organizer' (of any type) may set up an Event. Then the 'Event Host(s)' is/are designated and becomes responsible for the Event.

It is likely that in any group, friendships and other relationships will form. Be respectful of each other if these relationships do not continue for any reason. Likewise, if you are having a limited number of members at a gathering that is not a posted Event, please be considerate of those not included. Make it clear to the invited members it is not a posted Event and do not discuss it with or in front of non-invited members. That is cruel and not acceptable. Err on the side of discretion.

Anyone may nominate a Member to be an Organizer. The then current Organizers will determine who will become an Organizer.

Not less than quarterly, a Financial Report of our Group will be prepared and available to any Member.

WE ART NOT PROFESSIONALS! We are volunteering our time and our experiences. Always consult the appropriate professional before taking any action. We are here to support your decisions, not make them.

If you participate in an Event that is physical (ie. hiking, biking, sports or any other activity) you do so at your own risk. Know your limits. For all Events and activities, you agree to hold harmless the Organizers and Event Hosts.

So we know you have read all our rules, please respond to the application question about reading the rules with "You Bet!"

Let's get "Connected"!

No one should feel lonely, especially on Monday nights!

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