What we're about

I intend to help participants overcome their fear of public speaking!

How? Basically we just do a bunch of things you hate! Get up in front of everyone and TALK. We'll do a bunch of different types of speeches to get you used to speaking in public. The only way you'll overcome the fear is to do it... over an over again until learn to feel the fear, but do it anyway. Make no mistake, everyone is nervous when speaking in public, but they learn to be nervous and perform at the same time.

NOTE: *This is NOT Toastmasters* I love what they do, but this is more for those of you who stand up to speak and want to exit the room immediately. Maybe you have done that. Maybe you've managed to avoid public speaking altogether since school and you're tired of it. If so, this group is for you. I don't care HOW frightened you are of getting in front of others. The group will be accepting and understanding of this fear.

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