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Life’s full of changes….are you ready for them? When you graduated from college did you think you’d find a job making enough money to pay your student loans, get a great apartment, and save?

When you found that certain one, were you excited about buying a home and starting a family?

So, you’re feeling pretty good about yourself, but are you enjoying yourself…traveling, creating memories, pursuing your dreams?

Did you create a retirement plan only to realize it’s insufficient….or do you even have a retirement plan?

Are you afraid you’ll outlive your money? If you can identify with any of these...this is the group for you. We’re taking on money matters in a way that anyone can understand and apply to their lives. You’ll enjoy our topics of discussion and down to earth meetups which speak to the everyday person!

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Financial Education Seminar/Retirement Planning

Courtyard Atlanta Suwanee

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