What we're about

Learn practical skills to improve your ability to compassionately communicate in integrity with your spiritual values as they relate to openheartedness AND authenticity - especially when it really matters.

Develop fluency in empathy, speak in a way that makes it easier for others to "get" what’s important to you, and learn how to handle the triggers and judgments that often make connection difficult. Weekly, we'll focus on specific practice points to make skill-building fun and accessible through discussion, stories, role-plays, and exercises.

You'll begin to understand why you connect the way you do in your important relationships, and how to make micro-shifts that have a big impact.

~ Would you like to express yourself with greater clarity and compassion?
~ Want to take a stand for what’s important to you, from a social justice standpoint, even when speaking with someone who sees things differently?
~ Do you sometimes struggle staying connected with your feelings and needs when conversations get tense?
~ Do you avoid conflicts because you lack the tools to resolve differences peacefully? Or charge through conflicts in ways that strain relationships?
~ Is it hard for you to connect truthfully, yet lovingly, with people you disagree with politically, environmentally, or spiritually?
~Would you like some freedom from your own inner-critic?

Meet like minded people (who value growth, diversity, & inclusion) and practice with real-life circumstances while being held with empathy and understanding. We will focus our time on: soul-stirring conversations, transformational work, getting to know each other’s processes, inspiring deeper spiritual communion, and concrete daily practices.

Some meet ups will be regular/ongoing but some special events will be scheduled, too!

Conscious Communication is a body of work informed by Non-Violent Communication, Restorative Justice, and a non-dogmatic spiritual/holistic framework that espouses love and connection - with self and others. Join us and learn to integrate these practices in your daily life, and watch your relationships blossom!

Invite your friends to any of these three meet ups:

Conscious Communication meetup group - General focus (https://clz.es/r/RFUYX5Wt8AOfsibjVAh3-fWOLqzyFsf8wdzSuU7jDWksyuW4W1KSVm2aJckFsy-B?l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FConscious-Communication-NVC-General%2F) - 2 Monday nights/month in Marin

Conscious Comm meet up group - Spiritual focus (https://clz.es/r/RFUYX5Wt8AOfsibjVAh3-fWOLqzyFsf8wdzSuU7jDWksyuW4W1KSVm2aJckFsy-B?l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FConscious-Communication-Spirituality%2F) - 2 Friday afternoons/month in Marin (co-facilitated with Lumenaria, my sister-in-law/business partner)

Conscious Comm meet up - Spotlight on intimacy and sex-positive empathy skills - (https://clz.es/r/RFUYX5Wt8AOfsibjVAh3-fWOLqzyFsf8wdzSuU7jDWksyuW4W1KSVm2aJckFsy-B?l=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.meetup.com%2FConscious-Communication-NVC-Sexuality%2F) 2-4 evenings/month in SF and Berkeley

***About the facilitators: Mary Goyer, MS & Lumenaria Goyer, PhD (business partners and sisters-in-law)

Mary Goyer, M.S., is a holistic counselor who specializes in healing and consciousness expansion. She draws upon both her traditional training in Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT) and her expertise in mind-body techniques to help people make important relationship, health, and career changes quickly & smoothly. She particularly loves teaching the communication skills that support mindfulness and collaboration in families, schools, and workplaces.

Lumenaria E. Goyer, Ph.D., is a Healer, consciousness Sage, modern-day Mystic, and dancer who sees herself as a student-teacher, continuously expanding within the limitless possibilities of Life, and, concurrently, sharing the wisdom she gains on her journey. She is known for her passion and expertise in synthesizing esoteric spiritual wisdom to generate practical, down-to-earth approaches for empowering others’ to experience the pleasure of embodying their Essential Nature. Lumenaria's work centers around helping people understand their world through the eyes of soul in order to cultivate deeply Sacred Relationships with Divine Source, nature, their psyches, bodies, family, friends, co-workers, humanity, and all aspects of life.

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