• An Evening of Universal Heart Through Wisdom of Tantric Healing

    They will be teaching and showing us ways to release trauma, anxiety and stress from our bodies using the ancient arts of tantric breathing, conscious movement, sound, and practices to embody the magic of connection to meet your true self. Learn how to balance the Masculine and Feminine energies within yourself. THE THERAPIES YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT ARE based on the recognition that trauma is the residue we presently carry in our whole body system from events, known or unknown, that have never had a chance to complete themselves. This forms the resistance to allowing in the FLOW OF WELL-BEING INTO OUR LIVES. These traumas keep us from feeling worthy and deserving of all we want to create and manifest in our lives. The location will be at our house in Great Neck, off of Middle Neck Rd. The address will be given to those who have RSVP'd closer to the Meetup date. We are asking a $60 exchange of energy for this session.