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This meetup is designed for anyone looking to form deep, meaningful connections within the community. We help facilitate a safe space for new friendships to flourish, we celebrate our commonality and honor our differences. Always focusing on the best in each of us, we help to create an environment of trust, curiosity and connection.

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Processing Emotions

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Our emotions are an integral aspect of who we are. They are sensations in our bodies associated with the thoughts in our minds. They bring us a message they want us to hear. Yet, we may not have been taught how to navigate our emotions in a compassionate way. Emotions are energy in motion. They are intended to move through us quickly. When we hold on to them, they can get stuck in our body and if this continues for a long time, it can lead to all sorts of imbalances. When we release our emotions in a healthy way, we can learn from them and begin to use them as an opportunity to evolve. We discover the lessons in them to move forward in life instead of being stuck in old reactive patterns. By letting go of the emotional baggage, we open up space for new vibrant energy within. Let's get together to learn how to transform our emotional energy. This online gathering will begin by setting the intention (spread love, not fear), then each participant will share where they are from and why they chose to join the call, from here we will move into smaller break-out rooms. Each break-out room will be facilitated to keep the conversation flowing so that everyone has a chance to share. The facilitators will share fun conversation starters, ensuring a light conversation that helps everyone experience a joyful evening together, while learning more about themselves and others. We welcome all, no judgment or criticism... just Love! This is a safe place for people to show up, to be real, and to know that they are loved, just as they are. Please join us in our discussion or simply observe and take in some new ideas. With much Love and appreciation! Vanessa & The Conscious Connections Team

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Impostor Syndrome

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